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Aluminum Picket Railing Systems

Picket Railing Systems are the most economic railings to fabricate and install. They’re known as the safest of all railings due to the fact they are vertical, minimizing the possibility of climbing the picket railing system. Usually with a horizontal top cap or top picket railing, a horizontal bottom picket rail, vertical picket rails, and vertical posts, picket railing systems are economical, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Poma Construction is an industry leader in the manufacturing and production of picket railing systems. Poma Construction we host a state of the art production facility.

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Aluminum Picket Railing Systems
Picket Railing style 100 Picket Railing style 110 Picket Railing style 106 Picket Railing style 120 Picket Railing style 145 Picket Railing style 140 Picket Railing style 130 Picket Railing style 125

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Top Rails
Top rail variations


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